Seamless Collaboration with Breweries

Brewparel offers a seamless collaboration with breweries through three distinctive tiers, providing varied opportunities for breweries to engage with the platform and leverage the power of custom apparel.

1. Tier One - Art Transformation and Royalties: Brewparel transforms craft beer custom can art into physical apparel. These art-transformed apparel items are then showcased and sold on Brewparel's website. The innovative aspect is that breweries incur no cost in this process; instead, they receive royalties for every sale. Brewparel takes care of the art transformation, making the images suitable for printing on apparel. Breweries not only gain additional revenue but also enjoy increased exposure and free advertising, reaching a global audience through Brewparel's platform.

2. Tier Two - Wholesale Apparel for Breweries: In addition to the benefits of Tier One, breweries can choose to purchase the apparel created by Brewparel at wholesale prices. This allows breweries to carry the custom apparel in their own establishments, including tap rooms, without incurring any costs. Brewparel offers competitive wholesale pricing, and with the use of next-generation technology, they can print unlimited colors, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional screen printing. This tier empowers breweries to enhance their brand presence with unique and eye-catching apparel.

3. Tier Three - Brewery Branded Merchandise Web Page: For breweries seeking a comprehensive solution, Brewparel offers to create and manage a dedicated brewery-branded merchandise web page. This service, available at a low monthly cost, seamlessly integrates with the brewery's homepage. Brewparel takes care of inventory management, shipping, returns, and customer support, streamlining the entire process. With a shared revenue model, breweries can focus on their core operations while benefiting from an extended online merchandise presence.

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