About Us

Brewparel, born out of a keen understanding of the craft beer industry's explosive growth and the rising trend of custom art on beer cans, stands at the intersection of art, beer, and entrepreneurship. Founded by industry-savvy entrepreneurs, Brewparel aims to give due recognition to the phenomenal art adorning craft beer cans while providing breweries with extended exposure around the world.

In the ever-evolving landscape of craft beer, Brewparel serves as a unique marketplace that brings together beer enthusiasts, talented artists, and breweries. The platform is a celebration of the intricate and vibrant art that graces custom beer cans, ensuring that these creations receive the attention and appreciation they deserve.

Brewparel offers a seamless collaboration with breweries through three distinctive tiers, providing varied opportunities for breweries to engage with the platform and leverage the power of custom apparel.

Brewparel's innovative approach not only bridges the gap between art and beer but also fosters collaboration within the industry. By providing a platform for artists, beer enthusiasts, and breweries to come together, Brewparel contributes to the flourishing culture of craft beer while ensuring that the artistic expressions on beer cans receive the recognition and exposure they rightfully deserve.